Brand Presentation

Once you have established your Personal Band, you need to ensure that it is consistently utilized and presented through as many platforms as possible.

Some of these key areas are:

  • Driver Suit, Helmet and Off-Track Attire
  • Team Attire
  • Race Vehicle
  • Support Vehicle(s)

In support of your Personal Branding, we have the team that will work with you to ensure that all these areas are consistent, current and maximize each environment.

Driver Suit, Helmet and Off-Track Attire

From how you present our Personal Brand and those of our Partners you must ensure that your image is professional looking, consistent and true to all involved needs.

Ensuring that colours, fonts and brand presentation are correct and accurate is imperative to supporting our Partners images.

We also ensure that everything that our drivers wear, on and off the track will meet all these obligations.

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Team Attire

Similar to the needs listed above, in the Driver Brand obligations, we will also work with you to ensure that your Team Members all also maximize the opportunity to present your Partners brands and products or services correctly and professionally –shirts, hats, jackets etc. are all considered important supporting elements.

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Race Vehicle

It goes without saying that what most drivers focus their attention on is ensuring that their supporters get appropriate image representation on their Race Vehicle, but many do not look at it from a cohesive design perspective – sometimes it lands up looking more like a patchwork quilt!

If we don’t consider our Personal Brand or “Title” partners colours, look and feel, then we are missing out on a key tool to strengthen a long-term relationship with our Partners well into the future. That’s where we at RSM come in!

Brand presentation

Before and After Full Vehicle Wrapping

Support Vehicles

Once again, don’t forget about all the other things that we bring to the track and travel with and use to support our racing activities.

  • Support Truck(s)
  • Trailers
  • Pit Bikes
  • ATVs and Golf Carts

At RSM we think of all these opportunities as “Rolling Supper Graphics” for our partners and our overall Brand.

RTSM Truck Wrapping
RTSM Wrapped Vehicles
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