Personal Promotion

When it comes to promoting yourself, as a racing driver, many of our clients often tell us that they hated doing it on their own, because they just kept getting turned down and being rejected by potential sponsors. So, they just gave up. This, in many cases, lead to their constant struggle financially, just to keep racing each week and the pressures for them and their families. But the situation is simple:

“You cannot do what you fear, and you cannot do what you don't know.”

The reality is you KNOW you need money to race. You KNOW it takes good sponsors to provide these funds. But how do you get them? How do you get started and go after them? That’s where drivers seem too often fail.

And believe me:

“I faced my own fears in promoting myself when I started racing. So, I know how you feel!”

So to try and help me, when I was new to the motorsport scene in the early 80’s, I wanted to seek out mentors and learn from the best, but I couldn’t find anyone willing to help me learn the ropes. Because there just wasn’t anyone like Road to Success Management around at that time.

Hence, why I started this business!

Alastair racing his “Van Diemen” RF82 at Mosport (CTMP), Shannonville and Watkins Glen

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