Photography and Video Services

As a driver, you’re on track action is always going to be the most exciting imagery and having great shots makes all the difference in supporting your marketing activities.

Rather than trying to pick up a few good photos from a range of photographers who might have attended an event you were participating in, why not use our photography services to get what you want or need.

We’ll cover all your action throughout the race weekend, from lights out to the finish line, with high impact images, including special effects – such as motion blur to edgy style photos, which will create excitement and engagement with all your target audiences.

In the Paddock

The Paddock is where a lot of the action also happens, and that’s where we’ll also capture what’s happening throughout your weekend. – such as the Team, working on your car, you out of the car. Friends and family, as well as sponsors, can all also be included, to personalise your photos.

We will be your “Photo Shadow” throughout the entire weekend!

Promotional Photography and Video

We also offer services to assist with your team or personal promotional images, by producing amazing promotional imagery, that you can use in your marketing. Whether it’s for print, social media, eMarketing or your website, our images will support and help you grow your brand. If your car is going to an event or even car show, we can attend to get those great shots to share with the world.

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