Pocket Folders

One of the most flexible tools in your marketing “Toolbox” has to a Generic Pocket Folder.

This 9 “ X 12” – double or single pocket opening folder, can present a impactful visual presentation on your career, for usage with a wide range of target audiences.

Optional Elements that can be Inserted

  • Letterhead for Personalization
  • Driver CV
  • About the Driver Bio
  • Autographed Photo of the Driver
  • Schedule of Activities for the Season
  • Annual Budget Requirements
  • Hero Card

Target Audiences

  • Potential Sponsors Introductions
  • Media Kits
  • Sponsor Events
  • Team Presentations
  • Meeting Leave Behind

This part of your marketing arsenal is sometimes viewed as an “old school” marketing tool, by some, but having a generic tool that provides so many usages, based on our experience, is something that you shouldn’t be without.

It’s the kind of tool that when you are preparing for a Meeting/Presentation, you just go to your inventory of inserts, pick the ones that are applicable for that event, arrange the inserts in a logical order – and you have a custom package development specifically for the event.

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