Social Media Management

“Shares, Likes, Tweets and G+1 are part of today’s online conversation”

As Social Media continues to be an increasingly important marketing tool, it’s vital for drivers, like yourself, to understand how it affects your brand, your messaging and your public image.

We work with our drivers to assist them with:

  • Creating or updating their Social Media channels, to have them represent your brand in the strongest possible way
  • Managing their Social Media channels, using our Analytics Analysis Support Tools (AAST) and our extensive social media and marketing experience

AAST - We Track the Location of Your Readers

We track where your readers are and where your story is resonating and with whom.

We provide detailed reports that track the views of your Digital Market Activities, to ensure we are reaching all of your targeted audiences. Then we identify and focus on any areas that we may not be reaching, to make sure your brand is being seen by all race fans, teams, series and even potential marketing partners.

The following are the key channels we provide services for, however we can do support most any channels, as required by our clients, to reach their target audiences:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business

We also add your Google Analytics code to your member panel to gather more comprehensive data for your team and partners. We make it simple and easy! Then, the tracking results are directly applied to your content pages.

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