“Working with Alastair has truly been a huge part to the success in my racing career. When I first started with Alastair, I did not realize the full potential of my ability to sell myself and to sell my brand. I learned many professional skill sets to help me succeed both on and off the track. With the help of Alastair, I am able to keep myself behind the wheel of a race car. ”

– Jonathan Woolridge

Jonathan Woolridge Racing (JWR)

“To make your way through the motorsports ranks it takes more than talent and determination.  In today’s world it is very important to build your brand and develop your CV.  With Alastair’s help we have experienced a step forward in doing that with not only our drivers but also with the Team Canada Scholarship which I run.  Young drivers can learn so much from his years of experience and will see results as they move forward.”

– Brian Graham

Brian Graham Racing (BGR)

Working with Alastair on this unique and innovative NASCAR program was a real pleasure! His creativity, conceptual input and professionalism were significant factors that supported our efforts to launch this new business. Without his involvement, coaching and drive, I don’t thing we would have been able to secure the support of all the NASCAR Drivers, Teams and Track Owners, as we did. I would recommend that anyone looking to build a business or build a brand in motorsports, definitely consider working with Alastair and his team.

– Murry Merkley

“THE Seat”

“Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into helping me build my Brand! Now taking all that I’ve learned from you over to England, I know it will be a significant career boosting opportunity for me. 

Thanks to you, I’m prepared for anything!

– William Ferguson

“William Ferguson Racing”

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